Meal Plan Monday – January 21st, 2019

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I thought I’d start with sharing what I plan on cooking this week. Feel free to copy, re-work, or uses bits of this meal plan for inspiration, or just to give yourself a planning break.

What’s Going On This Week

This week we are working with no kitchen sink, so minimizing dishes is a MUST. I also am off work Monday and Friday, which gives me a little more flexibility to make long-cooking dishes. Oh, and did I mention that we got a massive winter storm this weekend, making everything cold and miserable?

Monday, January 21st

Breakfast: Eggs, bacon, and fruit. This is our standard weekday breakfast – who has time to plan out fun breakfasts during the week? For the fruit, we’ll probably be eating the greenhouse grown strawberries I managed to find at Costco this week (!!!).

Lunch: Leftover chicken noodle soup from last week & an apple

Dinner: Split Pea Soup with Irish Soda Bread. I am SOOOOO excited that I get to make this today! It has to cook for a long time – and requires a good bit of work – but since I’m off work for MLK Day, it shouldn’t be a problem. I make my soup with ham hocks – which came from a pasture-raised pig – and lots of peas.

Tuesday, January 22nd

Breakfast: Eggs, Bacon, and fruit – blood oranges this time.

Lunch: Picnic! This is our standard we-don’t-have-leftovers lunch, and includes cut up veggies, an apple, and some nuts (almonds and pistachios today). Today it also includes salami pieces and my lunch has homemade sauerkraut.

Dinner: Leftover split pea soup & bread.

To Do: Soak oats for tomorrow & thaw deer sausage. I’ll be soaking the oats in warm water with a bit of buttermilk.

Wednesday, January 23rd

Breakfast: Oatmeal with peanut butter, deer sausage (from the deer my husband shot last fall), and a banana. We’ve been a little over zealous on eggs lately, and I’ll be out by Wednesday, so we’ll be doing overnight steel-cut oats the next couple of days. I prefer my oatmeal with a spoonful of peanut butter – it’s good protein, and it’s delicious.

Lunch: Leftover split pea soup with veggies

Dinner: Roast chicken, roasted broccoli, and salad. The dressing will probably be some variation of Italian or Balsamic Vinaigrette – whatever I feel like making that day. We’ll be eating the dark meat from the chicken, since I’ll need the white meat for tomorrow.

To Do: Soak oats & start thawing roast for Friday

Thursday, January 22nd

Breakfast: Oatmeal, deer sausage, and fruit

Lunch: Leftovers! I think I’ll STILL have leftover pea soup. If I don’t, there may be another picnic lunch.

Dinner: Chicken casserole with stuffing topper & salad. This will be an experiment – my mom used to make chicken breasts with a cream of mushroom soup gravy-like stuff and stuffing on top and it has always been associated with comfort food for me. Obviously though, I don’t want stuffing mix from the store or weird, chemical-laden cream of mushroom soup, so I’ll be attempting to recreate the dish from scratch.

Friday, January 25th

Breakfast: EGGS, bacon, and fruit. I’ll get my egg delivery on Thursday, so we’ll get to have these again. 🙂

Lunch: Leftover chicken casserole, veggies, an apple

Dinner: Beef arm roast with potatoes/carrots & salad. I’m off work today, so I’ll have plenty of time to oven-roast the meat.

Saturday, January 26th

Breakfast: Fancy eggs – on weekends we like to scramble our eggs with lots of veggies or make omelettes.

Lunch: Sardines with tomatoes & onions (one of my favorite lunches!) & apples with peanut butter

Dinner: Dinner at my parents. We’ll be visiting my parents this afternoon, so will be eating whatever they serve us – it’s usually pretty healthy and they have access to fresh raw milk, so I’m excited to eat there!

To Do: Soak flour for pancakes

Sunday, January 27th

Breakfast: Buckwheat pancakes. I’ve never made these before, but I found a recipe I wanted to try. I’ll have to soak the flour on Saturday night, but they look really interesting. If they’re good, I may share!

Lunch: Whatever. Typically, Sunday lunches include whatever random leftovers are in the fridge.

Dinner: Sunday dinner! On Sundays, we have dinner with my husband’s father, who lives only about a half mile from us. He is an amazing cook and I look forward to this meal every week. Today is his birthday, so we’ll be bringing him a German Chocolate Cake – his favorite. Since we are the bakers of the family, we usually end up making all of the birthday cakes.









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