Week 12: Bears, Equipment, and Sore Muscles

Week 12: The week between PIDS, and the week that flew by even faster than usual. Let’s see, what did I even do…

Monday: Moving Shelters, Dirt Work, & An Afternoon in the Garden

This week’s first big project was to move two rows of broiler shelters from one field to another. The broilers have been running in a big field behind the hoophouses since the beginning of summer, and we are finally running out of space – they only had about a week or two left before they would run into stuff. And, in order to keep the amount of nitrogen under control, the broiler shelters shouldn’t run over the same piece of ground in the same summer. Some of shelters were empty of chickens after last week’s butchering, and the remainder of two rows would be empty later in the week, so it was time to move them to a different field, known as the “Ridge Field,” behind Daniel & Sheri’s house. Continue reading “Week 12: Bears, Equipment, and Sore Muscles”

Week 11: PIDS!!!!

Week 11 is getting posted late, but in compensation…it’s long. It was a VERY exciting week (particularly the weekend!) and I went into a bit more detail than usual.

Monday: Mice, Chickens, & Trucks

Monday began with an odd assortment of tasks – after our usual weekly meeting (which went a little longer than normal because we were going over PIDS stuff), I went with Buzz to change the water filter in the hunt camp and work on dealing with a mouse problem in Lydia and Grace’s apartment. It was cool to see how the water system works: the hunt camp water comes from a cistern that stores water collected from the roof. The water is then passed by a UV light to kill any bacteria and filtered to get any weird dirt particles out. The well is a backup water source, but most of the water is rainwater, which is super cool. Buzz explained the filtration system, and went over other filtration options which was really interesting. I’m really intrigued by the idea of utilizing rainwater and I liked getting more information on how to do that safely. Continue reading “Week 11: PIDS!!!!”

Week 10: Poop & Other Fun Stuff

[Editor’s Note: Posted a week late. Also, this week’s post isn’t done yet. I’M BUSY SORRY BE BACK SOON. Keep checking back!]

Well, it’s Week 10 and today marks the halfway point of my summer stewardship.

This is mostly sad, although also pretty cool to have come so far. The summer has been amazing and it feels like almost no time has passed. At the same time, it feels like I’ve lived multiple years in the past few weeks because of how much I’ve learned and done.

I’ll simply say that coming here was the best decision I have ever made. No doubt.

But anyway, I did stuff this week! I worked the weekend and I have several errands to run and stuff so this will be a slightly shorter post with highlights only.

Monday: Water Lecture!

Monday was extremely hot, and the leadership decided to work with the weather by scheduling one of our lectures for the early afternoon. Continue reading “Week 10: Poop & Other Fun Stuff”

Week 9: Independent Projects for Independence Day

Week 9! Things here are settling into a routine, and I love it. This week there was a LOT of off-farm hay (big square bales) that kept Daniel and some of the other staff off farm, leaving us stewards frequently on our own for projects and chores. I really like chores, and I enjoyed the various projects that I was working on throughout the week.

Monday: Fixing Fence w/ Joel, Miscellaneous Projects

Monday was a mismatch of assorted projects, making the day go incredibly quickly. Continue reading “Week 9: Independent Projects for Independence Day”