Week 16: Yes I Know I Missed a Week

It’s Week…I dunno.

I didn’t make a blog post last week. Sorry. I was working the weekend, had some pretty crucial phone calls to make (more info later!) and never got a quiet couple of hours to write.

Highlights from Last Week:
1) Chipping – I FINALLY got to chip again (it’s been awhile). I love chipping, and I had a great team for it – mostly big guys so there was a lot of ‘pick up the giant tree and stuff it in the chipper’.

2) Prepping the brooder – the last batch of broiler chicks went into the brooder, which is crazy to think about. They are soy-free, so we also had to switch out the feed. The new feed is green (peas?) and smells weird. Not bad, just different than the regular feed.

3) Processing turkeys – I processed and boxed turkeys in an absolute daze last week, since it was Meeting Day (more later), but it was cool, I guess.

4) Hot dog stand! Read more about that this week under ‘Saturday’.

5) Bowling – part of why I didn’t publish a blog post last week was that everyone in the hunt camp (so stewards, apprentices, Grace, and Parker’s wife) went bowling on Saturday night, along with Tim and Heidi (contract farmers). We filled up three lanes at the bowling alley, and had an absolute blast. The bowling alley was pretty high tech, so there were also arcade games and a jukebox that we were taking full advantage of. In fact, at the end of the night (around midnight…), the entire group of us were line dancing-ish to a Shania Twain song in the lobby on our way out of the door.

So fun. But also, I was exhausted when I had to get up for chores on Sunday, and spent my pre-church time napping, not writing. Ditto for my post-church time.

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Week 14: PIDS & Meetings

[Editor’s Note: Between car issues, not getting internet, waiting to talk to family before making an announcement – stay tuned – I haven’t posted in a minute. BUT I WROTE POSTS. I PROMISE. They will go live, one per day, until the blog is caught up! Enjoy. 🙂 ]

Week 14 has come and gone, and it’s been a weird one. On one hand, it’s been a stressful week with several evenings spent driving around aimlessly to think things through. On the other hand, it’s been a pretty chill week, with way more “downtime” than usual. I say “downtime”, but we’ve been busy….just in a different way.

Basically, now that PIDS is over, it is time for a whole bunch of meetings for leadership. Some of these meetings don’t involve us, but some of them do – specifically, the meetings regarding our future plans. Leadership takes the time and energy to meet with every steward individually to not only discuss the steward’s future career plans, but to see how Polyface can help, as well as address any issues that might have arisen. It’s a future planning meeting, but also a check-in with the steward to see how things are going. Leadership is also meeting with a whole bunch of other staff during this time, so they’re pretty darn busy. This, combined with the excessive rain stemming from the hurricane, means that we weren’t starting any major projects this week, but everyone was stressed out about their meeting with the Salatins.

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