About Me

Hi! Welcome to my site! My name is Jess, and I’m excited to share my opinions, lifestyle, and innovations with the Internet! I live in a Michigan suburb with my husband, three cats, and bin full of worms.

While you’re here, you may find articles on…

Health and Wellness: With a science degree and four years working in medical research, I’m one of those dorks who reads PubMed (science journal articles, for those who aren’t total geeks and don’t know what PubMed is). I care a lot about my personal health and wellness – especially nutrition. I follow a “diet” based loosely on the Weston A. Price foundation, but tend to make my own opinions rather than follow any specific “diet.”

Homemaking: Although I do work outside the home, my first priority is my home and family. I try to create a warm, clean, comfortable environment with an emphasis on frugality and delightful food.

Homesteading: I live in the suburbs, but that’s not stopping me from attempting a vibrant garden, rabbit raising (hopefully soon), and general self-sufficiency. My family is dreaming of someday moving out to the country, but that’s not really on the horizon yet, so we’re making do with what we have!

Honing in on Sustainability: I’ve loved nature since I was a little girl, and used to tell people I wanted to grow up to be a park ranger or a farmer. As an adult, one of my goals is to make my own life as environmentally sustainable as possible, within the means of my budget and not being a complete crazy person. What does that mean? I try to minimize disposables, plastics, and energy and am continuously trying to grow in this category.

This is a personal blog, designed to act as a journal for myself to catalog my journey toward my homesteading and housewifely goals, so expect a mixture of how-tos, reflections, random renovations to my house, and personal experiments. If I can help one person with this little experiment, I’m happy.