Behold, the tale of Binders!

Once upon a time, Binders, a gray and white cat, was born and adopted a family who loved cats. He was a good cat, and very sweet.

But Binders had been born to show the world the joy of eating.

And eat, Binders did.

Known as Big Fat to his human family, Binders loved food with a love that only a true glutton can have.

Unfortunately Binders died at the tender age of 7. The vet said it was a UTI, but his family knew the truth…Binders had eaten himself to death.

Out of mercy, Binders was raised to the heavens as the god of gluttony, to watch over those who love to eat. All cats who eat themselves sick are just trying to praise Binders.

The Origin of the Legend

Binders was one of the cats that my husband had growing up. When we were dating, I pet Binders a lot because he really was an awesome cat. He also really was fat and wanted to eat all of the time, though honestly, I’ve seen cats who are much fatter. He died of a UTI (urinary tract infection) way too young, which was really sad. However, perhaps in heaven he is allowed to eat as much as he wants, which I’m sure he would enjoy.

I don’t know why they started referring to “praising Binders” but it was funny, and it stuck. My husband told me the “legend” and I started using the term as well. Now we say “praise Binders” like a normal person would say “wow, this dinner is really good.”

Being normal is boring though.

So now you understand the story. May your dinners always be worthy of praising Binders.

[Picture of Binders Coming Soon. It needs to be extracted from an extremely old phone].