Precious St. Patrick’s Day Parcels

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, but my family did not go out to the bar or wear green (I think I might’ve been wearing green actually, but it wasn’t on purpose). Instead, we did something much more exciting…

We rescued two little baby kittens. Two little precious parcels of cuteness.

And I do mean rescued.

By the way: I normally schedule blog posts to come out about a week in advance, but this is an INTERRUPTION OF REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROGRAMMING BECAUSE KITTENS.


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Meet My (Fur) Babies & Check Out our DIY Scratching Post

Somebody drew attention to the fact that I have a cat picture on the homepage of my blog, and have shared cat pictures in my previous post (a meatloaf recipe), but never explained or introduced my cats to you guys.

So here goes.

Prepare for a fun post about cats, and little tutorial for a making a scratching post (since I didn’t want to give you guys a completely impractical post). It doesn’t really have anything to do homesteading…

Well, actually I think cats have a lot to do with “home” part of homesteading, but that’s just me. Continue reading “Meet My (Fur) Babies & Check Out our DIY Scratching Post”